Introduction of a new media partner – InnoRail 2019 Conference

The 4th InnoRail conference will take place from November 12 to 14, 2019 in Budapest.

One of the sections of this conference will be the V4+9 CROSS-BORDER INNORAIL section, a two-day event on the 13-14th of November.

This section is a new initiative, it is organised for the first time.
We are inviting for a professional exchange of information and ideas the leaders of railway operators from V4 countries and other regional EU member states, as well as from the Western Balkans. This section is a venue for sharing the challenges they face, the results they have achieved, and ideas in view of the developments ahead of us in the region.
Part of the agenda is the proposed high-speed railway link between V4 countries, amongst invited guest speakers British, German and French high-speed specialist will provide their take of the issues at stake. There will also be presentations about the reconstruction of the Budapest–Belgrade line.

The event’s main focus is broadening cooperation between railway experts.

Governments of V4 countries think in terms of a greater development region beyond their own borders. Similarly we intend to expand professional cooperation beyond the V4 region by providing a venue for sharing knowledge and innovation results, in line with railway-related EU objectives such as mutual interoperability.
Professionals from the following countries are invited: Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia.
Our main target group: managers of infrastructure, signalling, power supply, telecommunication and IT services.

You are welcome in Budapest if railway developments in this region are your agenda, or in case you target markets within that region for products and services and you wish to link up with railway delegates.

For additional information please refer to: InnoRail

Registration page: Registration InnoRail

We look forward to welcoming you in Budapest this coming November!

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