Barbora Lubojacká

Head of the Interoperability Working Group
ŽESNAD, Czech Republic

Barbora Lubojacká has been active in the field of rail and information technologies throughout her career. Currently, she is involved in independent consultancy in rail and IT on the Czech, Slovak, and Polish markets. She also leads the Interoperability Working Group in an association of freight operators ŽESNAD.CZ, who she also represents in the national Shift2Rail platform, which serves as an expert advisory body of the minister of transport within research and innovation of rail.

Barbora worked as the Chief Information Officer in Advanced World Transport a.s. (today known as PKP International) for several years. Then she worked in controlling management in subsidiaries of RPG Real Estate (nowadays called Residomo) and in project management in CD-Telematika.

She studied system engineering and informatics in VSB – Technical University of Ostrava.

In her free time, she is mostly with her family, travelling, or enjoying some sport or reading.