Begoña Delicado

TSGA (TAP TSI Services Governance Association), Italy

Begoña Delicado, since 2014, works as Head of European and Digital Affairs for Voyages SNCF, the Open Access branch within SNCF Mobilités – the French railways operator. She is also President of the TSGA (TAP TSI Services Governance Association) and participates in FSM and CER’s and UIC’s working groups.

She joined SNCF Group in 2012 as Head of European Affairs at, SNCF’s subsidiary in charge of online distribution, now called

Previously, she was a Senior Consultant and member of the COMEX at ESL & Network EA, a communication company based in Brussels specialised in EU Public Affairs.

Spanish national, Begoña has a double diploma in Engineering.
Moreover, she is Ambassador for SNCF au Féminin a professional network within SNCF Group aiming to promote gender balance at work.