Jiří Svoboda

Director General
Správa železnic (former SŽDC), Czech Republic

As a graduate of Secondary Technical School (SPŠ) of Transport in Česká Třebová, he joined the then ČSD as train dispatcher in 1988. From 1997, he worked as Technical Group Manager and then Technical and Commercial Deputy Manager of Česká Třebová railway station. He subsequently relocated to Pardubice, where he progressively worked as OPŘ Commercial Deputy Manager and Financial and Commercial Department Manager and again as Commercial Deputy Manager at the local SDC. From 2006, he was Director of the Office of Commercial Deputy Manager for the ČE Director General, and after leaving, he held the same position at SŽDC where in November 2011 he became the Director of Purchasing and Public Procurement Department. From 01 July 2016, he was Deputy CEO for Railway Operability, and from 23 March 2018 he has been the General Director of Správa železnic (former SŽDC).