The 6th biennial International Railway Forum & Conference (IRFC) is one of the leading events in the international railway calendar.

IRFC will bring together top executives and decision makers, rail and logistics professionals, customers, researchers, academics, IT experts, influential politicians and representatives from the relevant institutions from across Europe and Asia. IRFC will take place in Prague on 22-24 March 2017 (Wednesday–Friday) in the Clarion Hotel Prague and will be organised by OLTIS Group. The conference will be held under the motto “Let’s make European Railway EASY!” The conference languages with simultaneous translation will be English, Czech and Russian.
Conference participants will undoubtedly be interested in learning about the effects and impacts of legislation on daily activity of their business. Topics will cover liberalisation, standardisation, competitiveness and sustainability of rail transportation risen by the prominent representatives of international organisations and institutions such as EUAR, UIC, OSZD, UNIFE, CER and Shift2Rail. These establishments are the conference patrons together with the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and Economic Committee of the Czech Parliament.
Traditional pillar of speeches will be focused on innovation in technology of transporting packages, special consignments and dangerous goods by rail, Single Wagon Load, safety, monitoring, etc. Conference participants will have an opportunity to get familiar with the updates of Asia-Europe freight, its trends and further development.
One of the main topics will be digitisation; networked Digital Single Market is one of the first two priorities of European Union policy. These tools applied in transport industry offered by the digital technology may improve utilisation of existing resources and be applied in the daily activity of people. During IRFC you will get acquainted with the current opportunities, challenges and real examples of implementation. It enables representatives of major organisations and industry players to present their digitisation strategy.
Another vivid topic included in IRFC 2017 is interoperability and implementation of TAF/TAP TSI. Standardised information exchange among participants in railway transport is under the Regulation of the European Commission. Mandatory implementation plan has been formulated, which obligates the railway operators, infrastructure managers and wagon owners to communicate with each other in accordance with the mentioned standards. IRFC will bring up to date this topic, present examples of relevant software products and specific applied cases of the TSI implementation.
Information related to the ongoing, completed research, innovation programs’ projects will be engaging, and it will outline the practice on managing financial resources for innovation activities in Central and Eastern Europe. Projects within the EUREKA, Horizon 2020, and particularly Shift2Rail will be presented.
Integral parts of the conference are the established accompanying exhibition and events, the First day’s gala evening and the Czech Evening at the end of the second day. Specialised excursion during the third day concludes the three-day program.
Comprehensive information on registration, Sponsorship and Exhibition opportunities find on official web page of the Conference:

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